Cookie Policy

This policy explains how “cookies” are used by Black American Veterans (B.A.V.) Nation on its website,  

What are Cookies?  

Cookies are small text (data) files containing information about your actions on websites you visit. These small files are stored in the web browser of your mobile device or computer used to recognize and enhance the browsing experiences of website visitors.  

How Are Cookies Used?  

When accessing the Black American Veterans (B.A.V.) Nation website a number of cookies (data files) are placed in the web browser of your mobile device or computer. These files may:

  • Provide analytics for tracking purposes.
  • Store user preferences.
  • Enable functions of certain services including but not limited to:
    • Advertising delivery.
    • Behavioral advertising.


Cookie Types Used?  

The Black American Veterans (B.A.V.) Nation website uses cookies set by its website administrators known as “first party cookies” and cookies set by other parties affiliate known as “third party cookies”. Third-party cookies are external websites that offer services or functionality we deem beneficial to our efforts and our users such as advertising & analytic services.  

We also use the following types of cookies:

  • Session Cookies: these are cookies that are stored in memory that gets removed as soon as the browser is closed.
  • Persistent Cookies: these are cookies with an expiration date that are stored on a systems hard drive.
  • Essential Cookies: provide access to essential services and are used to authenticate users and prevent fraudulent activity with user accounts.


How to Block or Disable:

  • Essential cookies cannot be refused due to the services provided by the website.
  • Essential cookies can be blocked by changing browser settings.


Performance & Functionality Cookies: are used to enhance website performance and functionality.  

How to Block or Disable: Please refer to Help files of a chosen web browser.  

Analytics & Customization Cookies: collects information used in either aggregate form to show how the website is being used, in marketing form to track marketing campaigns or to help determine how best to customize websites. 


How to Block or Disable: Please refer to Help files of a chosen web browser.  

Advertising Cookies: responsible for displaying advertising messages. This includes, but isn’t limited to, preventing ads from repeating appearing and selecting ads based on interests.  

How to Block or Disable: Please refer to Help files of a chosen web browser.  

Social Networking Cookies: allows you to share pages and content on our website through third-party social networking platforms.  

How to Block or Disable: Please refer to Help files of a chosen web browser.  

Other Tracking Options In addition to cookies, owners of the Black American Veterans (B.A.V.) Nation website may use a technology known as “web beacons” to track website visitors. Beacons are tiny graphic files that contain a unique identifier that allows us to determine whenever someone visits our website or opens one of our e-mails. In addition, beacons provide us with the ability to:

  • Determine the method in which a user arrives on our website.
  • Monitor the traffic patterns of users between pages.
  • Communicate with cookies.
  • Improve website performance.
  • Measure e-mail marketing campaigns.


Targeted Advertising  

The Black American Veterans (B.A.V.) Nation website uses a method known as “targeted advertising” which allows third-party websites to place (serve) cookies on your mobile device or computer. These third-party companies may use information about your website visits to provide relevant advertisements about goods and services you may be interested in. In addition, these companies may also utilize functionality to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements. This can be done using cookies or “web beacons” to collect information about your visits to this and other websites. Information collected through this process doesn’t allow us or these companies to identify your name or any details that directly identify you unless you choose to make this information available.  

Cookie Options  
All users have the option of deleting or refusing cookies. For more information on either of these please visit the Help pages of your chosen web browser.  

Disclaimer Choosing to refuse to accept or delete cookies may limit services or features provided through the Black American Veterans (B.A.V.) Nation website. This can include limiting your ability to store preferences or access certain pages due to functionality being interrupted.  

More Information on Cookies  

Visit either of the following websites to learn more about cookies:   

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